About Fairview Baptist Church

Fairview Baptist Church is nestled in the beautiful hills of Athens, Tennessee and has been ministering to the community for almost 60 years.

As a conservative, local, independent, Bible believing church, we are focused on:

  1. Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who do not have a personal relationship with him,
  2. Discipling believers and encouraging them in their daily walk with Christ, and
  3. Affecting the spread of the Gospel around the world through our focus on Global Missions.

While we work to be relevant in today's society, we hold fast to the doctrines and principles found in God's Word. We utilize the King James Version of the scripture and believe it to be the preserved text for English speaking people.

We still have an old fashion altar where people can humbly come and pray and find the spiritual help they need to live a victorious Christian life. We also believe that music is a vital part of worship. It should be spiritually uplifting and honoring to God and should not be used as a platform for personal attention.

At Fairview Baptist Church, believers are encouraged to live godly lives, separating themselves from worldly, compromising trends.  We believe our God, Who is holy, wants His people to obey scriptural, lifestyle principles.  We believe all who are in Christ are new creations with old things passing away and all things becoming new.